CCGD engages in various Programs for development at community level.

The Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development


The Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development (CCGD) was established in 1996 by a small group of academics, researchers and development experts to build capacity in gender responsive planning, advocacy and programming, CCGD has grown into a dependable policy research and advocacy resource organization with program presence at county, national and regional levels. CCGD conducts gender responsive research to gather evidence for its advocacy against inequality and discrimination. CCGD seeks to promote gender responsive capacity building and institutional development of all sectors in planning, budgeting, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. CCGD works through multisector partnerships between international, regional and national government agencies as well as civil society and private sector interests to promote institutional accountability to gender responsive governance and equitable development that secures rights and enables empowerment of in particular women and girls.


  • Raise awareness & support action on prevailing legal and policy gaps affecting achievement of gender equality across sectors.

  • Support aligning laws & policies to the gender rights, equality and participation requirements in the constitution at national and county levels.

  • Support operationalizing and capacitating national policy/legal implementation organs & cascading of similar structures to devolved units/counties.

  • Work within complimentary partnerships with government, CSOs & PSOs at respective levels to support implementation of the gender agenda.

  • Support resource mobilization, allocation and utilization to operationalize and sustain policy/ legal framework implementation at all levels.


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