The Effects Of Provision Of Modern Sanitary Products On Young Girls’ School Attendance In Kenya

Development Partner: New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

Time Frame: 2014-2016

Project Brief:

In the past years, menstruation and lack of sanitary products has been purported to be the main reason for school absenteeism of pubescent girls. The study therefore aims to test the hypothesis that menstruation does have a significant negative impact on young pubescent poor girls’ school attendance in Kenya because they cannot afford modern sanitary products. This study also aimed to provide evidence based investigation of the overarching following research question: what are the links between adolescent girls’ school attendance and the provision of sanitary products by looking at: (a) how frequently pubescent girls actually miss school during their menses; and (b) the causal effect of the provision of modern sanitary products i.e. pads on school attendance.

The project engaged students from Raila Education Centre and Kawangware Primary School as the treatment and control groups respectively. There were 63 girls in the control group and 58 girls in the treatment group who were followed over one year beginning term 1 through to term 3 in 2015. Data was collected from the school registers, student diaries, academic reports, questionnaires and monthly discussions with the students.

The study also aimed to:

  • Assess the perceived impacts (i.e. participants opinion about the effects of gender responsive budgeting initiatives(i.e. the provision of sanitary products to young girls) on women status in Kenya
  • Assess whether these government allocations of public financial resources to the provision of sanitary product to young girls has led to young girls improved school attendance
  • Assess participants’ views on the links between menstruation and pubescent girls school absenteeism

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