Objectives and action points

1. On research, learning material development and publications

Objective: Raise awareness & support action on prevailing legal and policy gaps affecting achievement of gender equality across sectors. CCGD will:
Action points:
• Conduct legal/policy research to support evidence based advocacy on gender mainstreaming
• Write and disseminate policy briefs that elaborate the need and direction for action
• Develop learning materials in key emerging areas
• Engage and contribute to gender technical support to County Planning and Research Units that will enable them collect and provide relevant gender disaggregate data to assist in planning and budgeting in a gender responsive manner for their counties.


2. On gender law and policy formulation review and implementation

Objective: Support aligning laws & policies to the gender rights, equality and participation requirements in the constitution at national and county levels. CCGD will:
• Assist in the formulation and review of laws and policies at the regional and national levels in selected sectors to conform to international and constitutional requirements
• Assist selected devolved governments to make laws and policies to that facilitate provision of resources to implement initiatives that address gender gaps and promote women and girls empowerment


3. On gender sensitive Institutional capacity building, training, mentoring and support

Objective: Support operationalizing and capacitating national policy/legal implementation organs & cascading of similar structures to devolved units/counties.CCGD will:
• Work collaboratively within constitutional and statutory government gender mechanisms in selected sectors to accelerate meeting of gender mainstreaming objectives and milestones
• Lobby and support devolved governments to put in place measures that ensure similar mechanisms are adapted to county needs and are networked and functioning appropriately


4. On strategic advocacy partnerships at international, regional, national and county levels

Objective: Work within complimentary partnerships with government, CSOs & PSOs at respective levels to support implementation of the gender agenda. CCGD will:
• Seek to contribute to effectiveness of coordination mechanisms at county, country and regional levels through active membership
• Promote multi sector and interagency learning and dialogue and accountability on gender mainstreaming/equality principles
• Advocate for adoption and full implementation of laws and policies that promote government, CSO, PSO partnerships
• Support strengthening of international (UN) regional (AU/EAC) and national dialogue platforms that bring together government actors, CSOs and PSOs to improve institutional engagement and facilitate consultations to better collaborate on implementing laws, policies and action plans


5. On resourcing policy research advocacy for gender mainstreaming policy/law formulation and implementation

Objective:Support resource mobilization, allocation and utilization to operationalize and sustain policy/ legal framework implementation at all levels. CCGD will:
• Seek to engage partners to provide resources for prioritized research studies and learning material development
• Seek to influence regional, national and county structures to finance gender mainstreaming programmes
• Promote CSO engagement in decision making on financing platforms
• Improve knowledge of financing mechanisms in support of gender equality programs and accessibility to such funding.


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