Kenya Gender Budget Network


Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development (CCGD) with support from Ford Foundation is in the process of mobilizing stakeholders to revive the Kenya Gender Budgeting Network (KGBN) and make it vibrant to facilitate: development of GRB knowledge, skills & expertise; continuous stock-taking & definition of its goals as well as ensuring actualization of continuous learning opportunities for members of the network. KGBN will also revive networking with regional and international GRB networks.

This is a call to former and new institutions and individuals interested in advancing the objectives of GRB in Kenya and beyond to express their interest by writing an email to: Nicholas Muthama copy to   We shall acknowledge all emails received.

Kenya Gender Budget Network

What it is

The Kenya Gender Budget Network is an open membership of stakeholders engaged in gender focused advocacy work to inform programing and budgeting. It provides for coordinated advocacy to promote GRB practice in Kenya. KGBN also advances networking with regional and international GRB networks for increased awareness and sensitization on GRB. The network was first established in the year 2005/2006 by a number of stakeholders who were engaged in GRB advocacy at that time but has not been active until recently when an attempt has been made to revive and reactivate it.

Focus areas and Objectives
Major activities

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