Gender Responsive Budgeting

CCGD with funding from Ford Foundation and in partnership with The Council of Governors (COG) is implementing a project to support counties prepare budgets that are gender responsive. This was necessitated by the realization that most of the county or national government budgets are gender neutral and don’t seem to respond to gender issues affecting communities even though gender inequalities exist there by perpetuating poverty and injustice. 


GRB is not a new concept and various actors have been engaged in interventions aimed at influencing budgeting from a gender perspective. However, its success has been limited with little or no success to report about. In the year 2014 NGEC published guidelines to be utilized by counties and national government in budgeting to ensure their budgets are gender aware. This has not been implemented since then. The COG is engaged in various initiatives for sensitizing counties on GRB while non state actors are also involved in similar interventions. There is minimal adoption of policy guidelines on GRB despite there being many policies highlighting gender aspects. Lack of a coordinated mechanism to advance GRB agenda by the actors involved also limits the impact of GRB interventions. To this end the project funded by Ford foundation enables CCGD work with COG to conduct trainings in the counties and build their capacities in GRB.


As of early 2019 CCGD has held a project inception workshop to sensitize county staff on gender responsive budgeting. The organization has also initiated a plan for the revival of the Kenya Budget Network which can be accessed on this site.



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